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Wellness – Mind, Body, and Soul. Insights with Morgan Obrochta.


Photo By: Gian Valdivia

A little over a year ago, Miss Morgan Obrochta, a previously healthy 28 year-old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and rushed into surgery. With a consequential paralyzed arm and a rare diagnosis of Oligodendroglioma, she was mentally, emotionally, and physically EXHAUSTED!

To read more of her amazing background story from her first seizure to present day, please click here “Morgan’s Story.”

Meeting her now, Morgan is happy, healthy, and loving her life’s journey! We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn how she’s learned to love life in the face of challenge.  Discover her secrets to living a life of quality and balanced wellness.

FOR MORGAN, WELLNESS is a very personal word— she thinks that its meaning is different for everyone, and we totally agree! “Wellness” for us or Morgan is not necessarily “wellness” for you. It’s a basic concept yet rarely thought. Morgan explained to us that her kind of wellness is living in a 450 square foot apartment, no cable or Internet, and a nice porch on which to play Yahtzee. It’s about loving her job and eating her must-have brownie when she wants it!

[Hearing this made us feel great about our decisions at Fruitive though! You will find on our Plant-Based Company list of ingredients that we don’t add sugar to any single product offered. So when we say no sugar added, we really do mean it!]

When she was first diagnosed, she was gifted plenty of books about cancer and brains. After reading one book about the anti-cancer diet, she realized that she already ate most of the foods mentioned. She did confess though that one thing she probably didn’t fully live by was the no sugar diet. Sugar supposedly “feeds” cancer, but she couldn’t imagine giving up brownies, she loves brownies! But, she realized that in order to stay mentally happy and healthy, she needed to watch what she eats while still enjoying the journey.  In other words, eat that brownie once and awhile if it brings you joy, and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up about it!

We want to emphasize that wellness is, and should be, a very personal word! It’s about finding the balance between staying healthy, while still being happy and enjoying the journey of life without the guilt! In other words, #LiveYourHealth and #LiveYourValues.

HER SECRET to being able to walk the walk and not just talk the talk is yoga! After her surgery, she started practicing yoga again as physical therapy for her arm. She started with private sessions that were at first largely her just shrugging her shoulders. After seeing improvement both physically and emotionally, she started attending beginner classes. She explained that yoga has helped her reflect on her life and figure out exactly what’s important to her. Yoga has helped her find the balance she needs to stay sane! She confided in us that she used to feel guilty over the little things, but yoga has given her the time to reflect and realize that she doesn’t need to feel guilty about not going out, and that playing Yahtzee on her porch instead is totally ok because it’s what makes her happy and it’s what she wants to do! Yoga has also helped her learn her limits and still be happy with what she can accomplish in a comfortable manner. And lastly, being a yogi has helped her with her anxiety … also giving up coffee, and for a coffee lover like herself, it was very, very difficult, but mentally, she feels a lot better when she doesn’t drink it.

HER ADVICE on achieving wellness is to figure out what’s important to you, and then figure out how to make it happen-but know your limits! Don’t be hard on yourself, if you want to eat some French fries or a brownie, go for it! Do what you feel is right while still respecting others and doing what you need to do for yourself to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY AND HEALTHY!


What is wellness to you? How do you #LiveYourHealth? We all have our own secrets to achieving quality and happiness everyday, and we want to hear yours! Leave you comments below!


What is your favorite fruit and why?

Blueberries—she absolutely loves them, they’ve always been her favorite! She likes the big sweet ones though, not the small tart ones! She actually goes on to say that she can eat pints at a time!

What is your favorite veggie and why?

Beets—roasted beets especially because they are sweet and delicious! She really loves the taste of beets with oranges! Well guess what Morgan, we have just the juice for you, Meet the Beet – beet, carrot, apple, orange, celery, and ginger!

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