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Featured Local Artist: Jacob Chapman

Seven | Jacob Chapman

Seven | Jacob Chapman

Today we will be featuring our newest featured local artist, Jacob Chapman, whose drawings and paintings are currently being displayed at our Hilltop North restaurant.

We’ve asked him a few questions in order to give you a behind the scenes look at both the art and the artist himself.

Jacob chapman

Jacob Chapman

Tell us about your art, your inspiration …

In my art I am always working with harmonizing or balancing opposites. I try to use art to help me better understand myself, others, and life in general. For me it is a means of expressing myself and at the same time learning about myself through that expression.

The painting…

The concept behind my painting was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” also known as “sacred geometry,” something that Da Vinci studied and worked with himself, as it existed long before him. Specifically, in my painting, the human spirit/figure is embodied within the two opposing tetrahedrons. The one pointing up symbolizing fire and masculine energy, and the one pointing down symbolizing water and feminine energy. The main theme of this piece is showing that people and colors are very similar. Like colors, people can seem very different outwardly in their appearance, just as red seems very different from green, but all colors are just different expressions of the same essence, which is light.

Seven | Jacob Chapman

Seven | Jacob Chapman

Moreover, the border of the main hexagon, or cube, becomes a snowflake.  As with the colors I am trying to show connections and examples of “oneness” existing in variation. For example, all snowflakes are unique, but nonetheless they are all snow, and so are simply different manifestations of the same essence.

Additionally, the 6 spiraling color wheels and the center point from which they all seem to revolve around, symbolize the 7 main energy points in the human body that are known as chakras. These 7 also correspond to the 7 visible colors, the 7 notes of the musical scale, the 7 days of creation, etc. We are all awesome, just like the universe is awesome. We are connected to the sun and the moon, to all the stars in the sky, to everything. This painting is a celebration of this.

What about the drawing?

The drawing is what I consider to be a very intricate yin-yang mandala, again working to balance opposites. Every single design aspect is symbolic and so to cover them all would be lengthy in writing. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Mandala | Jacob Chapman

Mandala | Jacob Chapman

How do you #LiveYourHealth?

For me to #LiveMyHealth is to know myself… to live with love and try to understand more and judge less, to be in harmony with myself and not contradict myself, to feed my body clean and nutritious food, to feed my mind with truth and wisdom, and lastly, to feed my soul with love and harmony. Ultimately, I believe I need to have my mind, body, and soul not fragmented into separate parts of different conditions, but harmonized together as one, that is how I #LiveMyHealth!

Why Fruitive?

My connection to Fruitive is one based on my taste buds and my desire to eat as much healthy, raw, organic food as I can. My relationship with Fruitive, and the reason I decided to display my art there, is largely based on appreciation, as I very much appreciate them serving yummy and healthy, organic foods, and making Virginia Beach a healthier place to live.

How can people contact you about your artwork?

My email: surfingfish07 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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