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Recipe Friday: Kids’ Menu Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich | Photo By: Ashley Fielden

Cucumber Sandwich | Photo By: Ashley Fielden

Happy Recipe Friday!

Today we are sharing a very special recipe, one near and dear to our hearts … a mock version of our very own Kids’ Menu Cucumber Sandwich! It’s delicious and completely nutritious. We start with protein-rich and fiber-dense bread, top it with a light spread of creamy Vegenaise, and lastly load it up with cleansing, water-rich cucumber. Enjoy!

Cucumber Sandwich | Photo By: Ashley Fielden

Cucumber Sandwich* | Photo By: Ashley Fielden

*Please note that the picture is of our original Cucumber Sandwich

Kids’ Menu Cucumber Sandwich

What You’ll Need: 
-You can use any kind of vegan bread you’d like. We use One Degree Flax and Spelt Bread.
-Vegenaise (herb)
-Cucumber slices
-A dash of kosher sea salt
-A dash of black pepper
-Optional: avocado slices

What You’ll Do:
-Take two slices of bread. Toast if desired.
-Lightly spread Vegenaise on both slices.
-Load both sides with tons of cucumber slices. Optional: add some avocado slices!
-Top cucumber with a dash of salt and pepper.
-Close your sandwich, cut diagonally, and take your first delicious bite!

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