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We Invite You To: The Snowball Effect Book Signing Event

This Friday, March 7th, 2014, from 11 am to 1 pm

Fruitive will be hosting a Book Signing Event with Kristin Cuthriell, author of The Snowball Effect: How to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life, and Jason Cowan, founder of The Denise D. Cowan Wellness Foundation.

The event will include:

– Book Signing by Kristin Cuthriell

– Books for sale with a portion of the profits going to the Denise D. Cowan Foundation

– Fruitive Signature Cold-Pressed Juice Samples

– And A Raffle!!! Prizes include Studio Bamboo Yoga Class Packs and Free 1 Month Gym Memberships to Inlet Fitness


Kristin Cuthriell

Kristin Cuthriell

Kristin Barton Cuthriell, MEd, MSW, LCSW works as a psychotherapist in a clinical practice counseling teens, adults, couples and families. Among her many accomplishments, Kristin recently published The Snowball Effect: How to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life. This amazing book focuses on overall wellness and steps we can take to live happier, healthier lives. Kristin believes that a huge part of overall wellness is being mindful of the foods we eat. It is for this reason that she has teamed up with Jason Cowan and Fruitive!

cover with outline

Praise for The Snowball Effect

“The Snowball Effect offers a unique perspective on what it takes to move forward through life in the most productive and positive way.”  –Chrisanna Northrup, New York Times bestseller, author of The Normal Bar

“I highly recommend this book…The lessons provide specific and precise tools for people wanting to clear out the negative and learn to focus on the positive gifts in life.” –Marney A. White, PhD, MS, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine



The Denise D. Cowan Wellness Foundation, or the DDC Foundation, is a great community resource for anyone seeking to better their health or overcome illness by connecting with a network of breakthrough medical providers, integrative medicine professionals, and licensed nutritionists. It is noteworthy to mention that the DDC Foundation has been able to provide all of these community resources through a concert fundraiser held in 2012 by the founder, Jason Cowan. Plans for another fundraising concert and wellness conference is in the works for 2014/15. But that’s not all; Jason and the DDC Foundation also support 600 students at Alanton Elementary School.


Once a month, Jason, Kristin and various health experts come together and directly interact with the entire student body to creatively encourage health and wellness. They engage in mental wellbeing discussions, physical exercises, and organic smoothie preparations to comprehensively highlight the three pillars of health: how we think, how we move, and what we eat. Three additional schools in Southeast Virginia are currently on the waiting list to join the DDC Wellness Program and new funding from events like the Fruitive Book Signing Event will allow for these schools to get onboard the wellness wagon.



About 2 years ago, upon walking into Fruitive for the first time, I was excited to find that someone had opened a purposeful health and wellness restaurant in Virginia Beach. The menu displayed an array of organic juice blends, delicious liquid meals and totally raw options. In many ways it represented the cornerstone of healing and wellness, something that I had come to learn and experience firsthand while at an alternative healing facility in Arizona.

Fruitive | Photo By: Gian Valdivia

Fruitive | Photo By: Gian Valdivia

I met Gregg on a chance visit to Fruitve, then later, Bruce while conducting a smoothie demonstration at Inlet Fitness. Ever since our first meetings, (where we hit it off immediately), we have been united and have continued to support one another at various events donating time, recipes, juices and food. Together we serve as a community resource and share the message of nutrition and how to capture or recapture one’s own health and wellbeing.

See you all on Friday! -Jason Cowan

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