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Nobility Fundraiser (6.7.14 – 6.11.14)


As you may already know, our cold-pressed Nobility was created in collaboration with the Noblemen Group, a charity based in Hampton Roads that gives back to local kids in need. Based on the Noblemen Group’s colors, we’ve designed Nobility to not only taste delicious, but to represent and support this charity and their efforts. With dark, leafy greens at its base, light cucumber, and refreshingly sweet pineapple, what’s not to love? Plus, like the Noblemen Group, Nobility is full of pure energy and good intentions.

To continue on its noble quest,

we use Nobility to support other charities, organizations, projects, and, of course, noble deeds that are close to our hearts. We are happy to announce that we will be donating 10% of all Nobility profits, from 6/7/14 to 6/11/14, to some noble deeds led by two of our friendly Fresh Techs, Abby Johnson and Jenna Bradshaw. They will be traveling to Nicaragua this Thursday (6/12/14) where they will be running a children’s soccer camp and bringing essential supplies (toilet paper, wash cloths, & clean sheets) to a hospital in need! Help us, help them … buy Nobility & feel noble!


… and learn a little more about their trip!


ABBY Johnson

Hi!! My name’s Abby, and I’m currently a junior at Christopher Newport University, where I play soccer and am studying Business Management with a triple minor in Leadership, Spanish, and International Culture and Business. This upcoming trip will be my fourth visit to Nicaragua. The very first time I went, it really changed my life! I really saw how blessed we are in America and how much need there is in other countries. This has inspired me to continue to go back to Nicaragua and help in the best ways I can. The main focus of our trip this year is to help in the hospitals. The patients and families do not even get toilet paper when they are admitted to the hospital, and when the doctors perform surgery or deliver babies, they do not have the resources to be able to provide clean washcloths or sheets. Not to be gory… but these patients basically have to sit in their own blood. It is very sad and it makes me very grateful to have great resources here in America. I love going to Nicaragua because just spending time with the people there, makes them so happy, and fills me with joy. Jenna and I hope to bless and help them by bringing as much toilet paper and washcloths as we can!



JENNA bradshaw

Hi!! My name is Jenna, and I’m finishing up my sophomore year at James Madison University! I am an Anthropology major with a concentration in Archaeology and a minor in Classical Studies. I’ve only been to Nicaragua once before, but it really opened my eyes. I now know and feel that we, as Americans, truly live very privileged lives! To be able to share joy, and where my joy comes from, with others is the ultimate privilege! During this trip to Nicaragua, we will be running a small soccer camp for kids (soccer is huge in Nicaragua!) and will be bringing basic needs – toilet paper, washcloths, and clean sheets – to a hospital that doesn’t have enough money to fund these needs for their patients. Through this fundraiser, we are hoping to raise enough money to buy these items and supply the hospital for at least a short amount of time!


Interested in donating without the purchase of a Nobility? Find one of these lovely ladies behind the counter!

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