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Featured Local Artist: Sarah Street of Sarah Street Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Today we are featuring the talented Sarah Street, founder and photographer of Sarah Street Photography. A few months ago, we had the privilege to work with Sarah as well as many other local businesses (including Bluebird’s Garage, Roost Flowers, New Earth Farm, Paperdolls Design, Three Ships Coffee, La Dolce Vita Bakery, Tidewater and Tulle) to style an Easter/spring-inspired wedding brunch.


Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Want more details?

Sarah explains it perfectly… “A few months ago I was approached by Mary from Bluebird’s Garage and Becky from Roost Flowers about collaborating with them on an easter styled shoot. Their vision for this shoot was not your typical pastel, chocolate, green plastic grass easter decor. They really wanted something earthy, fresh, and local! As a landscape architect I really value using sustainable methods and living local. This styled shoot could have not been more perfect and I was so, so excited and honored to be a part of this! Mary, Becky and the rest of the local vendors who participated did an amazing job bringing their vision to light. As a bonus, this shoot was exclusively published for a local wedding blog, Tidewater and Tulle.”

We loved Sarah’s photographs so much that we decided it would only be right to share her talents with all of you on #LiveYourHealth!


Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography


My name is Sarah Street. I am the owner and photographer of Sarah Street Photography. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia with my husband, Drew, of 3 years and our two cats. I grew up in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University in 2006. I started my business just over a year ago. A few months in, I quickly realized that I loved working with couples and decided to focus my photography on weddings and engagements. It was the best decision I made for my business and personal happiness. (A Fruitive side comment: This is a great way to #LiveYourHealth people – do what you love, do what makes you happy!!)


Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography


There really isn’t one specific thing or event that inspired me to become a professional photographer. It was a hobby and interest of mine in college. It really took flight after spending nine weeks traveling Europe with my landscape architecture class in the spring of 2005. My educational background is in landscape architecture and horticulture. After working for six years post college, in that field, my husband’s job had us moving to Hampton Roads. After leaving my job due to the move and having the support of my husband, I found it was a good time to take a break from the corporate world and try to make a business of this hobby of mine.


Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Architecture, nature and travel inspire me when it comes to my photography. My design background, I feel, also plays a role. I love incorporating architectural elements into my work when available. Leading lines and being aware of what is going on around and behind my subjects is just as important to me as what they are doing. I would describe my photographic style as clean and airy, with touches of a journalistic mood.

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography


Although I have not been doing the best lately at #LivingMyHealth, I am trying to get back in to something I did all the time. Running. We are talking running half marathons dedicated. I lost my running mojo somewhere between the cold weather and eating too much fast food… I’ll admit maybe even going to a certain chicken place a little too often. Now that spring has arrived in Hampton Roads I am hoping to get back out there and find my pace again.

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography


I first discovered Fruitive a short time ago when shopping next door to their store front. I was craving something healthy and decided to stop in to see what they had to offer. After my first sip I was hooked! Not only are their juices and food delicious, but they strive to be a sustainable business. Sitting in their shop I noticed their tables were made with reclaimed wood from my home state. It made my little landscape architecture, tree hugging heart go pitter-patter. I was elated to find out that Fruitive would be involved in the Easter styled shoot I was asked to be a part of.


Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

Have a wedding/engagement coming up? Need a photographer?

Check out Sarah’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+.

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