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Featured Local Musicians: Esbern Snare

Esbern Snare

Our newest featured local musicians, or should we say band, are the young and talented Esbern Snare! If you’re a Norfolk native, you may have already heard of them, but if not, we’ve got you covered!


Luke Jones – Vocals, Piano

Adam Jones – Synths, Piano, Percussion

Joseph Brockman – Guitar

Andrew Montgomery – Guitar

Carter Mahnke – Drums

Josiah Crumrine – Bass, Backing Vocals



We’re Esbern Snare, a six-piece from Norfolk. The band has gone through a few incarnations, but at the beginning it was just two brothers, Adam and Luke – the founders. Their earliest songs and ideas were created on Garage Band, on their dad’s computer. However, after a few years of doing this, their desire for something bigger grew into more than just an idea! Reaching out to friends they’d gone to school with—and those friends reaching out to their friends—brought together all six pieces that we would be. We wrote songs, recorded, and all learned about being in such a tight unit with five other people, which has been a huge growing experience and an all-around fun journey.

Our album, A Violent Peace, (which you can find at Fruitive) was one long in the making. Having only been a full band for a short while, we jumped into recording with an amazing producer and good friend of ours, Jon Anderson. He believed in us, giving all the time it took to make the album what we all eventually knew it was to be.

We didn’t know it at the time, but our album-release show became our last performance with our original drummer, Eric. We’d known his role wasn’t for the long haul; he had his own aspirations that were taking his life in a different direction. Beautifully, we’ve been blessed with a new drummer and dear friend, Carter, and avidly writing new songs and pursuing new winds. We’re all still young, which, honestly, means we’re still learning what it is we’re trying to create and say to people, and it’s becoming clearer and clearer as time goes on.



We’ve got a pretty unique sound. We all grew up listening to different artists and bands, and if you listened to us individually on our instruments, it’s very different than the band’s sound together. But bringing our influences and preferences into the writing space (and all of us being a little stubborn) produces something totally different. We’ve got a little bit of pop, a little bit of classic rock, and according to one fan, even some jazz-fusion.

It’s honestly a little hard for any of us to describe, but this particular album is patient, full of longing, and hopeful. It feels like a roller coaster, going through the emotional highs and lows of coming of age. I think the sound mirrors those peaks and valleys that we all go through, and we all really hope you enjoy it and find some meaning in it!


We’ve had multiple good friends who have worked, or are still working, for Fruitive! We feel that featuring our music with Fruitive is a good way to get our music to a great crowd we couldn’t otherwise reach, and doing so through a great business is always a major plus!



For the most part, we’re all pretty active guys. A few of us play soccer regularly, a few of us bike, and well… none of us really know what our guitarist Andrew does… he’s a bit of a mystery. And of course, there’s nothing better than getting into the music and breaking a sweat together.


You can listen to our album, “A Violent Peace,” on FacebookBandcampSpotify, and Amazon. Or you can stop by Fruitive and buy yourself a hardcopy!

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