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Cold-Pressed Juice

Photo By: Gian Valdivia

Once upon a time, Gregg and Bruce Rozeboom, along with their families, created a business to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness among the small, Virginia Beach community. However, being built on transparency, authenticity, quality, and most importantly integrity, Plant-Based Company (our parent brand of Fruitive) became more than just a small business, it became a movement in our hearts, and something we wanted to share with a much bigger population … hence our inspiration for the blog, Live Your Health or better yet …


#LiveYourHealth means exactly what you think it means, but with a slight twist. It’s about doing what you think is healthy and not being a HYPOCRITE. Yep, we said it, hypocrite. #LiveYourHealth is about setting your healthy standards and sticking to them. However, it’s not necessarily about driving yourself into the ground; we want you to enjoy the journey. With #LiveYourHealth, we encourage you to listen to what your body wants and pursue what’s personally healthy for you.

Are we trying to define your health? No, absolutely not!

We believe that only you can define your health, that’s why it’s live “your” health not live “our” health! Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and give you suggestions on how to get there. It’s your job to define your own health, values and standards, and stick to them with integrity. For us personally, we take a health standard as a brand, and that standard is to be 100% plant-based and we achieved and continue to maintain that standard! Our next step is that 100% of our ingredients will meet organic standards. We will be completely honest with you, and we encourage you to be completely honest with yourself in return!

That being said, LIVE YOUR HEALTH people, LIVE YOUR VALUES, and enjoy the JOURNEY!

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